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The ALHIVE sports method works on the summer body of its showcase site.

Situation & Challenge

A muscular challenge to take up

Following the creation of a group brand, ALHIVE, bringing together its various sports programs under the same umbrella, the coaching and food supplement company wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to give a premium twist to their website.


Community motivation

ALHIVE offers ultra-personalized online follow-up via dedicated coaches for each of the participants in their sporting challenges. In this type of challenge, the important thing is attendance and motivation. We integrate into the site a middle office allowing each athlete to share photos of his progress, keep track of his program and his performance, so that his motivation remains intact and his efforts are visible to the rest of the community.

Creative Idea

Assert your personality

A watchword: dynamism! The new site takes on strong and positive colors, full of energy, which initiate change. The typographies are resolutely modern and assumed, to meet the premium positioning of the brand. A last typography, this time handwritten, brings slight imperfections which bring back human and authenticity.

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