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Garance capitalizes on its new site

Situation & challenge

Evolve to win back

In order to evolve with its market, Garance needs to transform itself.

Its digital ecosystem is made up of several sites, which can be pooled to make information and offers more accessible to customers and prospects.

Garance’s evolution must therefore involve, among other things, a new website more in tune with the company’s desire to open up to new, younger, more digital targets looking for transparency.


Five websites in one

The new Garance website has become the central touchpoint in the company’s sales development strategy, integrating an online subscription process and, as always, the possibility of easily contacting an advisor for assistance with the process.



Creative idea

Inform, engage, convert

Garance promises not to deprive the French of their savings, while accompanying them step by step in their autonomy and decision-making.

The major challenge is to clarify its offers and services, their advantages and how to subscribe.

The new site is also an opportunity for Garance, whose priority is to support its members, to offer educational content close to its target audience.


You should think bigger