The brand of down jackets to conquer the beach.

  • Beauty and style
  • Retail
  • Activation / Campaign

Just Over The Top returns its down jacket for the summer.

Situation & Challenge

Detach from the iconic puffer jacket.

Trendy brand known for its down jackets, Just Over The Top decides to launch its first “summer” line to fill jotters even on the hottest days of the year. How do you sell swimwear when you’re famous for winter clothes?


An assumed prank

This collection was unexpected for the regulars of the brand, our communication had to be just as much. We orchestrated a prank, playing with JOTT’s reputation and dress codes, for a guaranteed surprise effect.

Creative Idea

The first swimsuit in a down jacket

To intrigue consumers, the event site highlighted fake down swimsuits. A simple slide is enough to satisfy consumers’ curiosity, unzip the mannequin’s outfit and thus discover the real collection that was hidden below.

  • Less time at the pool to spend more time on JOTT
  • 20,000 sessions in less than a week
    1min33 spent on average on the site
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