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Building the communication strategy of the real estate valuation specialist

Context & Challenge

Integrate the acquisition offer into the Little Worker strategy

Little Worker is a real estate player known for shaping ambitious interiors. But the brand is no longer limited to renovation, it now also offers to find a property that matches the desires of its customers. A pillar of its offer that previously lived under the Ernest banner.
The challenge for Sweet Punk is to integrate this pillar into the global strategy of Little Worker. This is an in-depth project to expand the scope of the “find” pillar without overshadowing the historical “shape” pillar.


Focus on a turnkey strategy

To find a dream property, to shape an interior to the height of their customers’ ambitions, this is the challenge of Little Worker. How to encompass these two aspects of the offer and translate them into a clear positioning?

“The well-inspired agency that makes all your properties more valuable.”

A “well-inspired” agency with dozens of experts who take care of all the complex tasks to leave project owners with only the memory of a fulfilling experience. A positioning that echoes both the market value of a property and the emotional value of a property for its owner. A formulation that addresses both individuals, investors or homebuyers via the notion of “real estate”.

Our guidance

Creation of a new brand platform

Identify brand highlights and positioning opportunities. A reflection guided by a workshop and interviews conducted with clients and Little Worker employees.

Brand content strategy

Consulting and production of content to reflect the brand’s DNA on all its touchpoints and to illustrate the breadth of its services. With a dual objective of awareness and engagement.

Editorial support

A quarterly collaboration to give life to the brand’s editorial tone on social networks. A clever mix of wit and refinement.

Identifying the strong signals of the brand

The right eye

A brand that has the ability to identify properties with potential and know how to reveal it.

The right taste

A sensitivity to the latest trends for contemporary and timeless design solutions.

The right share of tech

Ingenuity to meet demanding configurations Imagination to help customers drive their projects through new solutions.

The right interpersonal skills

Little Worker is at the side of its customers to guide them and relieve them at all stages of their project.interpersonal skills.

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