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Engage, recruit, harvest... A site of vital importance


Reflecting a reality of long struggles and great successes

Ergonomics, discourse and graphics, three pillars to embody the values of transparency, independence and militancy of the association. A trio on which to rely to create a site with a strong and pioneering identity, just like Médecins du Monde. A site that asserts and displays itself without half-truths or half-measures. A site that evokes the emergency as much as the long-term actions.


A navigation in the colors of commitment

To get information, to get involved or to donate, just being on the Médecins du Monde website should be an act of activism, a step towards universal access to healthcare. Far from being miserable, the site must be a bearer of hope by displaying its struggles and successes. A proprietary identity reinforced by the metamorphosis of the dove in the logo into a fully-fledged navigation element, like a signature for this new site.

Creative idea

Militant humanism, manifesting one's ideal in digital

Browsing the Médecins du Monde website is already a commitment. It means virtually marching among the signs with important messages, protest slogans and edifying testimonials. It is to take a step towards a commitment to the well-being and health of people around the world by becoming informed, taking action or giving.

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