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Engage, recruit, harvest... A site of vital importance


Reflecting a reality of long struggles and great successes

Ergonomics, discourse and graphics, three pillars to embody the values of transparency, independence and militancy of the association. A trio on which to rely to create a site with a strong and pioneering identity, just like Médecins du Monde. A site that asserts and displays itself without half-truths or half-measures. A site that evokes the emergency as much as the long-term actions.


A navigation in the colors of commitment

To get information, to get involved or to donate, just being on the Médecins du Monde website should be an act of activism, a step towards universal access to healthcare. Far from being miserable, the site must be a bearer of hope by displaying its struggles and successes. A proprietary identity reinforced by the metamorphosis of the dove in the logo into a fully-fledged navigation element, like a signature for this new site.

Creative idea

Militant humanism, manifesting one's ideal in digital

Browsing the Médecins du Monde website is already a commitment. It means virtually marching among the signs with important messages, protest slogans and edifying testimonials. It is to take a step towards a commitment to the well-being and health of people around the world by becoming informed, taking action or giving.

User journey and content architecture

To best meet the needs of users, we worked around personas, based on the site’s audience, in order to understand their needs and to offer them the most appropriate content for their profile and expectations.

Art direction and digital editorial charter

While the global identity of the association was being redesigned, Sweet Punk intervened to create a graphic and editorial identity for the site, in the image of the association; militant! The whole thing was based on the codes of propaganda posters or signs that can be seen in demonstrations.

Technical and functional redesign of the website

Launched in 2016, the Doctors of the World website was aging and difficult to maintain. An inflexible technology, a frozen site and poorly prioritized content that did not reflect the image of the association and did not make the site as powerful a communication tool as it could be.

Commitment, curiosity and beautiful stories... A resolutely human site.

A new modular, flexible and efficient site

The new site is developed under WordPress, with a flexible template and content blocks entirely developed on demand.
Particular attention is paid to efficient and responsible technical choices:

– Open source and native technologies

– Plugin-less” development

– Respect for browser standards

– Eco-friendly hosting & made in France


Three main objectives

– Getting information: Médecins du Monde staff, researchers/journalists/students, partner experts.

– Giving: Médecins du Monde donor, donor prospect, donor (and prospect).

– Get involved: volunteer prospects, employee prospects.

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