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A smarter digital experience

Situation & challenge

Connected objects for a smarter home

Attached to the Legrand Group since 2018, it is since 2011 that Netatmo has put the comfort and security of all at the heart of its concerns by designing beautiful and smart objects for the home.


With the ambition to position itself as a major player in the smart and connected home, Netatmo wants to redesign its website, in order to offer its visitors an experience that positions it as such.


But Netatmo does not see itself as a simple manufacturer of connected objects. Above all, it wants to share its vision of the Connected Home by offering its users an entire ecosystem capable of providing them with comfort and security and making their daily lives easier.

An ecosystem whose benefits should be highlighted throughout the navigation.


Between marketing centric and user centric, finding the right balance

While the business issues are obviously fundamental for the new brand site, as well as the integration of key marketing functionalities, our strategy was more focused on the uses and needs of our end users to define a simple, rich and effective experience in which understanding the ecosystem and adherence to the brand promise is key.


What story to tell and what experience to offer on Netatmo’s showcase site to reinforce its position as a major player in the connected home, and to allow users to be convinced by the brand, its universe and its promise of a smarter home, quite simply?

Creative idea

A technology that knows how to be forgotten

Through the experience and the brand universe proposed, the site will have to reinforce Netatmo’s notoriety, to facilitate the understanding of its offer, to put forward its eco-system, its values and the benefits of its products. The whole should allow Netatmo to be positioned as a major player in the connected home, thanks to both the navigation and the proposed content.


On the site, a simple and airy navigation will highlight the performance and relevance of Netatmo’s connected objects, while demonstrating their ability to be forgotten in order to make room for real life and install comfort in our homes.


In terms of content, this means that the sleek and discreet design of the objects in the range contrasts with the hustle and bustle of life around us, the warmth of the colors of the house and its light.

Our guidance

Digital strategy and brand positioning

Define the positioning of the new digital platform to translate the brand signature “a connected home, quite simply”.

Define the discourse to adopt to position the company as a major player in the Connected Home and allow visitors to enter the brand’s universe and adhere to its promise: to bring comfort and security to all.


Workshop &

In a series of 3 workshops, Sweet Punk’s strategic and creative teams collaborated with Netatmo’s marketing teams to align business and image issues with user needs and thus propose an efficient navigation and an immersive experience.

UX, graphic and technical redesign of the site

Define a new browsing experience based on a proprietary visual universe and allow Netatmo to position itself as a major player in the connected home.

Immerse users in the brand’s universe to make them feel the values that carry Netatmo’s vision for today and tomorrow.



Creation of photo and video content

Imagining and creating a more proprietary visual universe through the production of photos and videos specially designed for Netatmo.


The artistic direction imagined leaves the cold and disembodied codes of high technology to go towards a warm universe where the connected object knows how to be forgotten.

Editorial strategy

When the object blends in with the decor: highlight the product’s benefits for the user, simply explain the product’s features, and provide reassurance with precise and concise words and phrases.


Highlight the object’s design: the object is designed and discreet and fits perfectly in your home.


Lexical field of serenity: allow the user to project himself on his capacity to simplify his daily life.

Content creation

Sublimate the space: through the creation of 3D product and the realization of a photo shooting, we imagined a visual charter to inscribe the Netatmo house in a modern, alive and accessible vision.


We are moving away from the cold and disembodied codes of technology to bring Netatmo into a new era: warm and embodied.


From the packshot to the Lifestyle visuals, the artistic direction has been designed so that the product is central but integrated in a larger and inspiring scene, presented in a realistic situation, in decorated, bright places that inspire the desire to stay in one’s home.

The ideal of high technology is no longer cold and disembodied.

The intention of this visual charter is to inscribe the Netatmo home in a modern, lively and accessible vision. The sleek and discreet design of the objects in the range must contrast with the hustle and bustle of life around it, the warmth of the house’s colors and its light.

We want to sublimate spaces and moments to inspire, and make customers want to create a beautiful, comfortable interior that looks like them, that they control and that they are proud of. To spend privileged time, alone or with family.

3D to inspire

Whether it is central or integrated into a larger, inspiring scene, the product is always presented in a realistic situation, in decorated, bright places that inspire the desire to look after one’s interior.

Passive attitude

One of the pillars of Netatmo’s vision is the desire not to be intrusive. Not to place the products at the center of attention, but to silently watch over the well-being, calm and comfort of the inhabitants.

In the photographic treatment of the scenes of life, we will adopt the point of view of the products: that of the discrete spectator of the life of the household. The models must not look at the camera, nor pose.

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