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Situation & Challenge

Between premium and outlet, seduce the international target and retailers.

One Nation is the Outlet shopping center par excellence. Today, the brand wants to assert its leadership and premium positioning with the help of a new identity and a new site. How to seduce retailers and attract a much more international target?



Transpose the physical experience to digital.

In the One Nation center, everything is done to live an unforgettable, open shopping experience, breaking with the usual codes. This is a taste of this sensory visit that we want to offer through the new site.

Creative Idea

Take inspiration from the architecture of the place

The identity of the site echoes the place that meets the codes of luxury and Versailles heritage. The fluidity and elegance of the site presage the quality of the physical experience.

This digital link between retailers and shoppers evokes the architecture of the shopping center with its wired paterna and its ambitious events.


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