The TV spot to better understand each other.

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Ouïezen, a hearing aid that creates a bond.

Situation and challenge

The hearing aid that lends an ear to those who don't want to hear it.

Optical Center, the optical and hearing specialist, offers a range of hearing aids exclusively in its stores, enabling users to enjoy greater comfort in their daily lives.


Intelligent, connected and discreet, Ouïezen hearing aids are positioned as a solution for young wearers (around 40-50 years old) on the market.


De-passionate the topic of early deafness.

In addition to the potential generational conflicts that families often experience, deafness is sometimes another source of tension and even frustration.


People who have to wear hearing aids do not easily admit this need… and are slow to take action, for fear of being considered as old people, even if it means cutting themselves off from the pleasure of daily interactions with those around them.


How to play down the situation and engage the target on such a slippery slope?


Our strategy: to position Ouïezen as a creator of links between generations, more than just a hearing aid.

Creative idea

With OuïeZen you will hear each other better.

Sweet Punk made a 30-second TVC that is funny and authentic.


Thanks to Optical Center’s hearing aids, people with hearing loss can reconnect with their loved ones and finally hear them better, and get along better.


Far from the cliché of the old person that no one hears, and who hears no one, the film features a father and his teenage daughter, whom the OuïeZen hearing aid helps to hear each other better.


You should think bigger