Sublimate a Tour de France's Team

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Telling the exploits of the Cofidis inteam in digital

Situation & challenge

A webserie to highlight

For the 5th season, the Cofidis team is renewing a webserie in partnership with France Télévision. To highlight this dive into the heart of the Tour de France, the brand asks us to design a digital packaging to match.


Link storytelling and brand-content

The website places the user as a guide for the Cofidis team. To exacerbate this intimacy, we wanted to place spectators as close as possible to the runners and their daily lives.

Creative idea

Recreate the Tour de France digitally

The navigation reproduces the main stages of the Tour de France. Throughout his digital ascent, the user comes across portraits of runners, but also episodes of the series, told chronologically according to the stage in progress. The emphasis is on the human and the sporting feat, unfiltered, which lives on throughout the scroll thanks to poignant photos and videos, closer to the reality of cyclists.

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