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A new era of highways

Situation & Challenge

Remove barriers and preconceived ideas

With the arrival of barrier-free tolls in France, or Free Flow, Ulys wishes to present this technology through an educational mini-site. Faced with the French very critical of the motorway concessionaires close to the brand, no missteps are allowed. In this delicate context, the adoption of this new product will only take place through fair communication that departs from the beaten track.


Free rein for information and navigation.

We want to make the site a concrete demonstration of the benefit produced by placing freedom at the heart of the experience. The educational site is designed to be simple, accessible and uncluttered. Information and content find their place in an intuitive UX coupled with an SEO strategy to make the trip to this page easier too. Like free flow, you can navigate the site without a hitch or stopping.

Creative idea

An invitation to motorway travel

Inspiring, playful and captivating: the experience created simulates a peaceful journey on the motorways of France. Games of perspectives, evolving scenery and animations lead us to browse the page as a child would watch the landscapes scroll by from the back seat. The pastel and warm tones enhance this feeling of travel and take us into a world that reflects the service it highlights: simple, accessible and modern.

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