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A series of videos on highway art.

Situation & Challenge

To 80 kilometers/ art

Since the 1% artistic law, nearly 80 works of art have been built on the French motorway network. Little-known sculptures, ignored buildings … yet these achievements of all kinds embody moments of life, travel memories and the memory of heritage. How to pay homage to them?


An artistic trip

At the crossroads of the senses, motorway art stimulates the emotions of travelers who have shared its route. This video series allows motorists to rediscover and pay attention to the artistic environment around them. We want to make this life-size exhibition a real journey through travel.

Creative idea

A contemplative web-documentary

Against the backdrop of elegant images and nostalgic atmospheres, Internet users embark on a poetic and contemplative journey to encounter works of art. Each episode becomes an artistic object in its own right, six minutes of total immersion devoted to a work making her the main character of her own story.


Kilometers/ art puts the turbo

  • 1 and a half million on the clock! This is the total number of views of the first three episodes of “Kilometers / Art”.
  • An average engagement rate of almost 3%, 6 times more than usual posts.

Episode 1 : The Nef Solaire

Episode 2 : The Memorial to the Resistance

Episode 3 : The Cyclops

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