Taking the industry into a new era.

  • Corporate
  • Public sector
  • Employer brand
  • Brand strategy and advice

To create a new imagination for the industry so that it can take part in meeting the challenges of our time.

Situation & challenge

An unprecedented statement on behalf of the entire French industry

In order to meet the challenges of recruitment, the operator of skills Opco 2i initiates and brings to life for the next 2 years a communication system supported by a new federating brand, With the industry.


A multi-channel campaign over 2 years to modernize the image and encourage recruitment

To make industry a great collective project and a means for a whole generation to invest today in the world of tomorrow, with a mission/invitation: to build the future together.

Resources strategy

Brand platform

  • Definition of the brand platform
  • Definition of co-branding rules for all players
  • Production of a brand deployment kit


  • Definition of a name for this new brand that will unite the industrial sectors and represent the industry as a whole
  • Definition of a signature to embody its promise and the associated campaign device

Graphic charter

  • Creation of a universe far from the preconceived ideas of the sector
  • Enrichment of the discourse by heterogeneous patterns
  • Installation of a diversity of graphic systems, all distinctive and identifiable as belonging to the same whole
  • Consolidation of an iconography carrying the human and collective values of the brand

360° Media Device

  • A film in cinema, TV and VOL
  • A poster campaign in train stations and cities
  • A display campaign on general websites, l’usine nouvelle and l’étudiant
  • Media partnerships (l’Étudiant)

Website and social networks

  • Creation of a temporary landing page for the industry week
  • Launch of the inter-industry website at the time of the campaign
  • Recommendation and implementation of a 2-year social strategy
  • Creation of assets
  • Digital operations targeting young people

Non-media tools & Network mobilization

  • Stands for trade shows
  • Kakemonos
  • Goodies
  • Press kits and press releases
  • Deployment of the campaign to the poco 2i ecosystem
  • Creation of a customizable deployment kit

A new brand

With the industry, to federate and set in motion

Avec l’Industrie, both in its name and its universe, calls for union through its vision, that the country’s future must be guided by collective commitment and by an inclusive mission, that of offering everyone a role to play in the major projects of the future.


A manifesto film

Poster campaign

A digital presence

With the industry, a digital ecosystem to carry more targeted messages

To inform and inspire, the aveclindustrie.fr website has become the focal point of the entire campaign. It allows users to follow all the latest news about the brand, to discover the daily life of the industry, its professions and its commitments to the transition.
It is accompanied by social network accounts: Instagram and TikTok to address young people and Linkedin and twitter to mobilize decision makers.

Social media


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