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The digitalization of courses and the multiplicity of measurement opportunities have led all stakeholders to elevate customer experience as the Holy Grail of performance.

How to build powerful engagement media and fight against the emotional exhaustion imposed by social networks?

The atomization of points of contact with the consumer, dictated by the digital revolution, has inevitably multiplied the communication channels, and the advertising messages with them. It has also multiplied the possibilities of generating experience, and the potential of experience. Yet experienced in this type of problem, brands are still (too) tempted to take the ROIste shortcut on digital: call to click, low-cost content, without substances … while the instruments, which are diversifying and becoming more complex, are opening up the way to creating truly unique and differentiating experiences. Experiences that present themselves today as real communication tools in their own right heralding new ways of shaping stories of engaging and extraordinary brands.

Experience: the strength of emotion

In this ocean of commercial messages on which our hemispheres navigate, the objective is this ability of brands to monitor our attention. This unprecedented battle for attention is won today by enduring experiences. Experiences capable of throwing our senses, arousing emotions to generate preference and attachment. Because emotion is everywhere, in each of us, it structures our memories and our thoughts, and challenges the myth of a rational consumer.

Under the influence of neuroscientific approaches, the evaluation and measurement of the emotions aroused by communication and marketing, make it possible to quantify the real impact of the strategic thinking of brands, and creative agencies. By integrating feel data into their global strategy, brands can obtain a precise vision of their customers and prospects to focus on optimizing the user experience and not just on performance.

Creative digital formats offer more opportunities every day to build stories and experiences that are underused. The briefs, constrained by the budget and the security of an easy performance, push agencies to under exploit the potential of their teams and by passing on the digital means available. Mimicry helping, we come to industrialize the slightest success to derive a questionable mechanism. Even if it means making brand content sprinkled with sponsorship using Instagram’s lifestyle sauce, or by assigning production chains by the meter for youtube. A large number of actors supposed to bypass the agencies offer miracle solutions and content. A bit as if the media and creation were one in a production on the borders of low cost. Where is the supposedly bonding experience located, you say? Almost nowhere, or almost. If we praise the power of connection and engagement of digital, many would almost forget that it becomes a fun tool and conducive to wonder and exploration. Too much rubbing it, it’s the brands themselves that lose prestige and identity.

Dare the premium, dare to stand out

You don’t have to think about Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality to immerse the user in a quality immersive experience. Technology and talent from creatives to developers allows us to offer experiences rich in sensations. Even on classic, desktop or mobile screens. The experiential site has all the features for your brand to lead the way on digital. The development of the technique has made it possible to offer brands more than a semi-static format whose message is suspended on a few lines on a Facebook post. Brands that capture the mind for a moment, capture hearts and create emotions are bound to gain in memory and engagement.

A simple site, in good old HTML, fueled by video, 3D interactivity (carried by WebGL technology accessible to all browsers today) offers both infinite and ultra modern possibilities to tell the story of a unique way, without advertising or parasitic competition. Both on desktop and mobile. Many actors and agencies, advocating the absolute of social media as content and form, would like to formalize the death of websites (including digital platforms outside social networks), while complaining about the hegemony of Facebook. But not everyone wants to dig their graves. It is always possible to build your brand and your own territory with convictions that you do not always want to share with your neighbor Instagram, who is sometimes a competitor.

Image, sound, animation: combine and reinvent storytelling codes

The springs of emotions favorable to the establishment of an emotional bond between the brand and a target audience are as numerous as they can be triggered by a clever combination of design, storytelling, sound composition, navigation and interactivity . Once the user is awake and extracted from his soporific Facebook feed, it is essential to offer him a highlight with the brand.

Creating an experience is a constantly changing challenge, but an exciting one. One of the major challenges is the ability to develop a narrative aspect. Unlike static content, a visual and a catchphrase are no longer enough, you have to know how to create a story and make it feel to the user without being seen yet another commercial message. You have to know how to build a storytelling that facilitates identification, imagination and / or play. Sometimes you have to accept losing control of the elements to create an open environment that allows the user to build his own story, his own experience vis-à-vis the brand, according to its actions, guided by its curiosity. A privileged moment where the consumer turns into an actor and interacts according to his own will with the brand. You have to be able to accept leaving your comfort zone to create an emotional relationship that is nourished by stories punctuated by surprises, twists and turns, quests, hope, useful knowledge. The symphony of experience is also adorned with 3D animation and a sound environment that enriches the product message and the brand promise.

Ephemeral or manifesto sustainable campaign, the experience engages the consumer to make him live the universe of the brand in all its aspects, and thus increases the potential for emotional impact. Almost touched, it won’t take more for him to share his experience with his community. Because on average, only 10% of emotional experiences remain secret. It’s your turn. Have fun.

Practical cases

The Kerastase Christmas tree

To celebrate Kerastase’s Christmas, Sweet Punk is imagining an enchanting digital experience. Or how a simple Christmas tradition turns into a luminous moment. The agency thus created a Christmas tree in WebGL made up of luminous spheres. The user then chooses one of its spheres to try to win a Christmas gift Kerastase’s  way previously selected. A dreamlike dive into the heart of a bewitching fir where exploration of forms is essential, before choosing your magic ball.

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Sweet Punk puts everyone on milk time for CNIEL

To highlight the unique know-how of French dairy production and translate all the passion and rigor of the French dairy industry, the agency offers CNIEL, an immersive digital experience in the form of a web documentary. In order to narrate the life of milk with its particular know-how, the web documentary immerses the viewer with poetry and education in the heart of a French dairy farm in the daily life of those who make milk, for a day. An authentic journey, told by the breeders, which breaks with the too rustic image of the farm to prefer its modernity and its beauty. The many shots filmed in drone and in 360 ° allow the variety of subjects and shots to permanently capture the attention of the user. With the 360 the spectator becomes an actor of the story and can take part in the scenes of life on the farm. A dynamic information system, displayed at the heart of the video, offers the public the possibility of accessing content sheets deepening the subject that interests them.

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Get ready with Société Générale

To highlight the support and solutions offered by Société Générale to students who have projects abroad, Sweet Punk takes them on a surprising journey. Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

The device put in place therefore simulates a real trip abroad in which you are the hero of the adventure. An immersive and interactive experience that takes students to the heart of their desires for elsewhere, at the edge of their future concerns.

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