Rethinking the corporate digital ecosystem

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A new corporate website in the spotlight

Situation & challenge

Taking the lead as a group

Canal+ Groupe needs to find its place as a group in its digital ecosystem. This is necessary in order to :

have a priority space for expression, without relegating its commercial offerings to a secondary role
assert its identity and exist as a group in the eyes of its target employer brand
Forge a privileged relationship with professionals and journalists.


Back to the heart of the ecosystem

Far from being a “hub of sites”, the CANAL+ Group site must act as a “catalyst” for the brand’s entire digital ecosystem, without encroaching on each other’s spheres of action.

Creative idea

An iconic and useful site for the Master of Entertainment

Tell the brand story: don’t limit yourself to what’s on offer, showcase the history, values and commitment that make the brand unique.

Corporate expression: dissociate the territory of expression of the corporate site from other sites. Content must be brand centric.

Illustrate the group’s dynamics: project the image of a group in perpetual evolution, in search of new audiovisual trends, new talents, etc.

You should think bigger