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The background in top form.

The content architecture and its creation are the living heart of your site. Text, images, infographics or video: each medium will have its place, depending on the messages you want to convey and their targets.

If it is tempting on the web to spread out in quantity, it is not always the right strategy to bring out the salient assets of your brand. An arbitration must be made to ensure the right mix of the media used, but also their volume. We structure your content precisely to meet your values ​​and ambitions.

At Sweet Punk, we don't just copy / paste your brand speech on a website, we find the most relevant vectors for your message to reach the heart.

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By seeking the balance that will meet the expectations of users and the ambitions of your brand, our content strategies allow smooth navigation that will complement the UI and UX expertise of your website. Spearheading your digital strategy, the content architecture will allow you to adapt your brand platform to your website. It is the common thread that will guide major design and graphic creation decisions, because the content must be at the service of users, but also of the ergonomics of the website and its referencing.

Snack-content, blog articles or even web documentary: the content strategy is multifaceted and addresses the variety of user needs.

The Sweet Punk agency has the will to create a universe around this context of demand. Consumers need to have an emotional connection with brands to identify with them. To feed this universe, our digital agency puts creativity at the heart of the reflection through our pen and our pixels.

On a website, the content reveals its full power only by the combination of means: videos, photos, illustrations. This is called rich media. These cumulative elements shape an ecosystem around your brand and can make a difference.

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