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In the era of snack content, the web documentary may seem to belong to another era. However when all the content seems to be satisfied with surface information, a richer media can have its place in the way of telling your brand, provided that it meets a few quality criteria to properly fulfill its role. .

The web documentary allows you to dive into the heart of your subject, to be exhaustive and to get to the bottom of things, while allowing to leave the leading role to storytelling and beautiful images. Where others see him as the poor relation of digital communication, Sweet Punk sees it as an untapped creative opportunity which, combined with new technologies and well thought out ergonomics, allows for an unforgettable immersive experience.

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Our different studios are involved in the production of a web documentary. In addition to video shooting, we are developing the website and working on the graphic identity and its editorial charter. We skillfully orchestrate each expertise so that your web documentary perfectly meets the expectations of your targets while remaining in line with your brand platform.

The web documentary will enrich the content of your site with an immersive digital experience via in-depth video content. To push digital innovation, the web documentary can also integrate interactive activations, or 360 ° video capsules for example. The richness of the media makes it a behemoth of storytelling to who knows how to use it. Coupled with an intuitive UX and UI, the web documentary allows the website to transform into full-fledged digital activation, the brand leaving plenty of room for content to express itself and tell its story.

The production of a web documentary is intended to be an exchange with the Internet user. Like the production team, he is the last participant in the experiment. The Sweet Punk agency has mastered the development of these images, transforming video material into an interactive tool of first choice. The form of the web documentary, with its nobility, applies very well to brand content and can serve brands in need of telling a story. And this story, our teams are there to bring it to life.

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