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Understand yourself and make yourself understood. This is the vocation of the copywriter. Whether it is through an idea, a creative concept, a baseline or a denser text, design-writing allows you to recreate your profession and embody your vision through words and ideas.

Your vision seems clear to those who work for your brand on a daily basis. This is not the case for your target who only occasionally comes into contact with your messages. These messages must then be perceptible by all and go to the essentials without falling into the superfluous. At Sweet Punk, we imagine editorial design as a distillate for your brand: words embody the very essence of your speech, in its most complete purity.

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The war of attention is won in the field of brand-content. From now on, it is no longer just a matter of producing content at random, but rather of focusing on the quality and relevance of the words of a brand. The editorial design respects the editorial charter produced upstream and aims to orchestrate the content strategy on a website or on social media for example, with particular attention to the texts.

The copywriter is for us a diplomat who must bring together the brand platform, which transmits the vision of the company and its positioning, with the expectations of consumers. He is, in a way, the mediator of the media: he will bridge the gap between brand speech and his means of expression. In this editorial design aims for adaptation as well as consistency. We must meet the requirements of tone, volume, codification of a medium, while maintaining narrative homogeneity, storytelling of the brand. A well thought-out editorial design means giving the impression to the public that the brand adapts perfectly to its medium, rather than the other way around. Brand content and editorial design therefore work together to interpret the brand platform through the prism of the media.

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