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A picture is worth 1000 words.

An essential format par excellence, and whatever the mode of distribution, video is taking more and more place in digital strategies.

No wonder when you know how effective it is and meets a number of objectives. Engagement, visibility, lead generation or conversion, as many KPIs as the video format will allow you to reach easily.

It is also an incredible playground for creatives who will be able to play with the power of images but also with that of sound design.

Between 2D, 3D, video shooting or motion design, the production possibilities are as vast as the creativity that can be placed there.

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Video plays a key role in digital strategies.
Whether on social networks, on your site or on your blog, video is an essential format, thanks in particular to its efficiency.

Pushing the purchase through an advertising film, presenting a new product or service through an educational film or simply making yourself known through an institutional film, video offers many possibilities.

At Sweet Punk, we master all production techniques to meet your creative and budgetary challenges: 2D, 3D, Motion Design or video shooting, we have all these skills and know how to adapt according to your needs, and those of your customers or prospects.

While many users say video is key to their buying decision, it’s also key when it comes to engaging your audience and engaging with your brand. This is why it plays a strategic role in the relationship between your brand and your customers.

It is also a great way to discover the universe of your brand by being close and authentic, but also your know-how or your products through interviews with your employees, product demos or web documentaries.

Video has the ability to broadcast messages in a clear and transparent way, but also to be easily viewed, on mobile or desktop.

Finally, video content is now taken into account by Google in SEO and can improve your SEO!

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